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April 2020

The Anesthesiology Annual Meeting (ASA) – Washington DC


October 2-7, 2020


Washington, D.C.


Advance your knowledge with the latest research, standards, and guidelines so you can apply them to your practice.  Learn how genetics plays a role in anesthesia safety and how easy genetic testing implementation can be in your surgical suite.

2020 NCSA/SCSA Annual Meeting – Charleston, SC


September 18-20, 2020


Charleston, South Carolina


Bringing together anesthesiologists from throughout the mid-Atlantic and southeast region, Precision will be educating attendees on how genetics plays a role in anesthesia safety and how easy genetic testing implementation can be in your surgical suite.


Spring Webinar Series 2020: Employee Care

Webinar overview

As healthcare costs continue to climb and the national spend was close to 18% of GDP last year, employers are taking a more creative approach that goes beyond worksite wellness to help navigate the change in the healthcare landscape. As a nation, we are getting sicker every day. Employee productivity has been on the decline, and most employees report that they are not engaged while at work. The constant increase in healthcare costs are crippling organizations and the lack of restrictions on what private healthcare companies can do will only promise more of the same increase in costs year over year. We are at a crossroads where the cost of healthcare and the value it provides employees have caused many to go without treatment or stay on medications that don’t work.

To address this challenge, companies have sought out and are relying heavily on worksite wellness programs, with hopes of reducing challenges and the cost of healthcare. The problem is that many of these wellness programs were poorly constructed and inconsistently delivered resulting in limited impact. The bottom line is this:

Wellness strategies are needed, not ‘out of the box’ programs.  Wellness strategies allow the company to decide and even create their metrics for demonstrating ROI.  Precision Genetics’ solution is to be your strategic partner so we can put in place a personalized plan to deliver just that – your needed ROI within healthcare benefit savings.  The Precision Employee Care Solution moves beyond the status quo understanding of cost savings by fully engaging employees in the program while delivering tracked metrics weekly to the company and so revealing the financial, emotional and physical changes that come about through a strategic wellness partnership.

Webinar Registration

Join us for our 3-part webinar beginning in April, to see how we can work with you to put together a strategy that is designed specifically for your organizations’ needs surrounding wellness – both physical and financial.  You have 2 opportunities to join each webinar – from the comfort of your quarantined location. 

Part 1: Innovation in Rx Savings & Cost Containment. 

The first part of the worksite wellness webinar takes place on April 22 and again on April 29th at 12 PM EST. Email us at to register. 

Part 2: Wellness Strategy Steps – Steps to cost savings and engaged employees. 

The second part of the worksite wellness webinar takes place on May 12th and again on May 14th at 12 PM EST. Email us at to register.   

Part 3: Personalizing Your Strategy – ROI, Costs, and Savings. 

The third part of the worksite wellness webinar takes place on May 26th and again on May 28th at 12 PM EST. Email us at to register.   

Please know that you may select a custom date for a webinar if you are not able to attend the pre-scheduled date(s).

If you register for all 3 events, you have the opportunity to select a year of free pharmacy consultative services for your employees for only $10 per employee (a $140 value) for 12 months when you enroll in our Precision Employee Care Solution.

SCRA Announces a $250,000 SC Launch, Inc. Investment in Precision Genetics.

SCRA has provided a $250,000 investment in Precision Genetics through SC Launch to help the company expand its processing of COVID-19 test kits.

“SCRA: South Carolina Research Authority and #SCLaunchInc. stepped up and provided financial commitment and strategic support for us to expedite our efforts. We are desperately trying to serve our community in this time of need, and we are very grateful for the support from SCRA and SC Launch, Inc.” said Nate Wilbourne, CEO of Precision Genetics.

Learn more here.

Precision Genetics and the City of Columbia SC Collaborate to Make Tests Available to First Responders

Precision Genetics and the City of Columbia SC are collaborating to make tests available to first responders in the City of Columbia.

“We are going to start with first responders and front-line staff,” Mayor Steve Benjamin says. “So, with them and their families, particularly if we know they have been exposed to the virus, or are symptomatic. Our first focus will be inward, on the city. But, we have the ability also to respond to local emergencies, if one were to emerge, and provide testing through our infrastructure.”

Learn more here.

Precision Genetics Validated EUA Process for COVID-19 Test Kits

On April 3, 2020, Precision Genetics validated the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) via the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to process COVID-19 test kits. Precision Genetics is now available to support state and local healthcare systems in need of public health surveillance and has priority access to test reagents from commercial reagent manufacturers which have received EUA from the FDA.

Precision Genetics provides the test kits for healthcare facilities and providers looking to test patients using real-time RT-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19) in respiratory specimens. The test uses RT-PCR to detect the virus in upper and lower respiratory specimens.

Test results are intended to be interpreted by a licensed physician or other licensed healthcare professional. Results from this test are not intended to take the place of professional medical advice. Decisions regarding course of medical treatment must be made only after consulting with a licensed physician or other licensed healthcare professional, and should consider each patient’s medical history.

Currently, results will be available within 24 hours (1 business day) from time of receipt of the sample in the laboratory, with plans to boost testing capacity in the coming week. Precision Genetics’ healthcare technology laboratory has the capability to direct-connect to other laboratories, healthcare systems, and practitioner’s offices so to deliver test information within seconds of the results being reported. The laboratory uses cloud-based information system,, to help expedite the test orders, specimen tracking and resulting to support faster response times to the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us at (877) 843-6544 ext. 4 or email us at