Frequently Asked

General FAQ’s

How does PGx testing benefit the physician?

Improve & revolutionize patient care though PGx testing, Actionable data at the point of care, Tools to follow medical necessity protocols and track outcomes, Incorporating personalized medicine techniques is a competitive advantage, Provides ancillary revenue source for your practice (Precision Genetics LCS Model)

How does PGx testing benefit the patient?

Not everyone responds to a drug or medication in the same way, each individual has their own unique genetic makeup, which affects the way their bodies respond to a disease and treatment. PGx uses information about a person’s genetic makeup to choose the drugs and drug doses that are likely to work best for that person as well as determining the proper drug-to-drug combinations

How much lab space is needed?

Standard rule of thumb is a minimum of 300 sq. ft. and 26’ of countertop space.

How many technicians are required?

Number of technicians depends on the number of samples being run day-to-day. One of the value propositions of the LCS model is that we calculate how much staff you will need (accessioners, technicians, directors, etc.) to process your anticipated volumes, provide standard operating procedures and default processing schedules, and provide on site training to get your team up to speed.

Do the technicians require molecular training?

No. They do require experience in pipetting.

Is a medical director required when implementing a PGx lab?

It depends if the existing highly complex CLIA lab has a medical director. Rule of thumb is that a medical director is needed for both urine toxicology screening as well as molecular testing. Commonly a PHD or Pathologist that has a minimum of 2 years experience in running a highly complex lab.

What is the estimated turnaround time to implement and validate the PGx lab?

Lab setup and configuration is a phased process:

  • 4 weeks to secure all ancillary and capital equipment
  • 2 week to train on the LifeTech equipment
  • 2 weeks to validate the genetic testing and train the technicians/staff

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Our personalized approach to what we do extends beyond our genetics lab.  We, the team, are committed to providing patients, providers, and other labs the quality services and results we put our name behind.