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Responsible Medicine
Optimal Outcomes

Precision Medication Utilization Solution is a gene-centric solution for precise and appropriate medication utilization derived from the latest clinical innovations and technology. This includes the use of precision medicine, medication risk analysis and targeted educational techniques. Our methodology yields optimal health outcomes while reducing wasteful healthcare spending, dangerous prescribing habits, and unnecessary over-prescribing that continues to perpetuate chronic illness. Our purpose is to evolve HOW healthcare is routinely practiced and raise the standard of HOW care is safely delivered with precision and accuracy.

Our Analysis

3 core service values:

  • Patient safety – inappropriate medication use is the 4th leading cause of death in America; A safer more efficacious method to provide care and prevent incidents such as falls, readmissions and suboptimal treatment
  • Superior service – patient satisfaction and experience are critical to advancing healthcare; engaged patients are healthier patients
  • Accurate accountability – eliminate gaps in care for high incentive value-based contracting


  • Trial and error prescribing – our doctors cannot see our genetics so they prescribe a medication based on our symptoms and based on what is considered to be the best medication in the market. Our doctors have to consider a dozen other actors related to our lifestyle when prescribing medications as well, including what we eat, drink, smoke and even other medications we are taking. This can create a problem with drug interactions and the occurrence of adverse drug events
  • Constant increase in Rx costs – with employers putting additional burden on employees to contribute to the rising cost of healthcare, the cost for out of pocket medical expenses, including prescription costs, has created healthcare that is slowly becoming unaffordable for many. How do we know that the medications we are paying so much for are the ones that are working for us to make us healthier?
  • Chronic care management and polypharmacy -Pharmacists are the best care providers to work with people suffering from a chronic condition that is managed by medications. Having a pharmacist at the tip of your fingers bridges the gaps in care between doctor visits, addresses common concerns that arise in everyday life, and establishes a readily accessible healthcare professional that is familiar with your health history and understands your expectations as it pertains to your health

What Our Solution Provides

The goal here is to know all of your doctors are on the same page with prescribing you the right medications. This is hard even with today’s electronic era. Our Pharmacy group ensures that all of your doctors are aware of your path and know how to walk down it with you. If you are on the right path to

  • Safe and appropriate medication utilization
  • Delivers the safest form of evidence based medicine
  • Targeted educational techniques that enhance the understanding of what, why, and when medications should or shouldn’t be prescribed
  • Reduces the burden that clinicians face when treating on-going complex chronic conditions
  • Maintains high patient satisfaction while executing stakeholders expectations
  • Establishes a readily accessible on-going personalized health roadmap for the entire healthcare team

How Precision is Different

Key Goals

Many healthcare issues that continue to plague, siphon, and exhaust resources can be traced back to common root causations; namely, the mismanagement of disease states and inappropriate medication utilization.

  • We advance the practice of medicine by impacting short and long term health outcomes – our pharmacists evaluate not just the genetic and non-genetic risks in the here-and-now but they address outcomes from a future health point of view.
  • We regain the trust patients place in the healthcare system – by focusing on the health and well being of the patient, closing the gap between primary, secondary and tertiary providers and open communication we ensure collaboration of chronic care management with the different practitioners involved in the patient’s life.
  • We deliver medication management solutions as tools for minimizing their overall healthcare costs – pharmacogenomics is already gaining momentum as an effective resource to aid in the advancement of disease and medication
    management; Precision breaks down the challenges that continue to stall
    healthcare’s paradigm shift needed to break the cycle of sick care by
    implementing our blanket solution and providing education across the entire
    healthcare system, to benefit managers, and among stakeholders to do things


Have Questions About Us?

Our personalized approach to what we do extends beyond our genetics lab.  We, the team, are committed to providing patients, providers, and other labs the quality services and results we put our name behind.