South Carolina Nursing Home COVID-19 Testing

Precision Molecular Solutions is dedicated to making COVID-19 testing available to skilled nursing facilities in the state of South Carolina. With time and safety in mind, Precision Molecular Solutions is providing your facility with supplies and detailed workflow information for testing rapidly, effectively, and efficiently. Precision Molecular Solutions is proud to have been chosen to collaborate with your facility.


Facility Workflow Instructions

The following instructions and information have been designed for your facility and provide details for each step throughout the COVID-19 collection to results workflow.
Your site will be conducting tests with either saliva kits. Instructions for both are below.


Step 1: Enrollment

Every time that you do testing, you’ll need to upload a spreadsheet containing the list of employees to be added.. Instructions for this process can be found here

Please find a sample upload file here

Step 2: Collection, Storage, and Packaging

If you have received test kits and are ready to begin collecting saliva samples for COVID-19 testing, below are links to download detailed instructions for:

Saliva Collection and Packaging Instructions

Additional Detailed Saliva Documentation

Step 3: Manifest

In order to ensure quick and accurate results, we require that each shipment of samples be accompanied by a paper manifest containing each patient’s First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth, sorted in alphabetical order. These values should match the corresponding labels on the samples. 

Download the manifest excel template here. Please fill out the manifest, print it, and include it in the shipment of samples.

Step 4: Shipping and Delivery

Precision Molecular Solutions works with statewide courier partners to ensure that we are able to deliver your samples safely and quickly. Each location will have two scheduled pickups each week. The times will be communicated to you directly from Precision Molecular Solutions. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Precision Molecular Solutions customer support team.

To ensure that your results are accurate, please be sure to follow the packaging instructions that apply to the specific sample types you are collecting:

Saliva Packaging Instructions

Step 5: Results

Results can be viewed in the Precision Molecular portal.  Results can be viewed for individual patients or for your facility as a whole.  Email notifications will be sent for every positive test.

Instructions to Access Results

Ordering Instructions

Each time that testing occurs, a spreadsheet containing all of the employees to be tested must be uploaded to our portal.
Please click the ‘Instructions’ button below for details on how to use the system prior to collecting your samples.


Who will our points of contact be?

Precision Molecular Solutions has established a phone line and email address to direct all inquiries about results. These will be monitored by the Precision Molecular Solutions customer support team. These can be used to inquire about results, samples, or processes.

Phone: 800-290-8507

Email Support:

How will we be notified about positive results?

Emails will be sent to the designated contacts at each facility for positive and inconclusive results.

Will there be a Precision Molecular representative onsite during testing?

No, the collection process will be managed by each facility. Today’s training and the website will be available for instructions, and the Precision Molecular Solutions customer service team will be able to field questions should they arise.

How often are testing supplies replenished at the facilities?

To start, supplies will be replenished weekly via FedEx.

Will the facilities be required to reconcile costs?

No. Precision Molecular Solutions will track all orders that enter the system and every result that is completed.

Have More Questions?

For questions or to contact a customer care representative, please call 800-290-8507 or email:

Sample ordering/support:

General questions: