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Improving Mental Health Treatment Efficacy

We take pride in providing patients the best genetics in mental health care. At Precision Genetics, our goal is to help create an environment where mental health is achievable in a timely, affordable manner. With the Precision Mental Health Rx Solution, Neuropharmagen® PGx test, we believe we are doing just that for your patients personalized mental health and well-being.

Our unique test analyzes a specific group of genes that are known to be involved in drug metabolism for a broad range of medications used in the treatment of mental health conditions. The Neuropharmagen® report provides detailed interpretation and prescribing recommendations for many antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics/hypnotics, ADHD medications, stabilizers and anticonvulsants.

  • Focus on mental health medications.
  • Genetically-guided medication recommendations based on high-quality
    published studies.
  • Decision support with a dynamic, live application tool.

Precision Testing – Mental Health Rx

Neuropharmagen® is a revolutionary pharmacogenetics test that helps physicians identify the safest and most appropriate psychotropic medication for mental health patients based on their DNA.
Genetic Testing – A one-time test to manage medications, reduce unnecessary side effects and increase health and wellness overall
Depression and Anxiety Medication – Improved clinical outcomes, reduced polypharmacy and the number of average drugs used (3.3 to 2.4 drugs) in children/adolescents with severe mental disorders
Bipolar Disorder Medication – 53% of patients following NFG medication guidelines experienced fewer ADR’s, increased compliance and better treatment results


  • 82% of Americans take at least one medication
  • The FDA says that 50% of medications taken by patients are ineffective
  • Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) are the 4th leading cause of death
  • 20-30% of health care benefit costs are prescriptions
  • Prescription costs increase 3-9% every year

We know the difficulties around controlling costs; we know because as a company, we see it too. We also know that employees often avoid doctor visits due to time and expenses. Take back the days where you have control over where costs are going and employees that enjoy knowing they are healthy and on the right track to affordable care.

What Our Solution Provides

Neuropharmagen® testing reduces trial and error medication management before seeing improvement in mental health. Now we can recommend the optimal medication for the person by looking at their unique genetic profile. It takes into account the patient’s full drug regimen, drug interactions, genetics, lifestyle, ethnicity and age all prior to delivery of the care management PGx report to the practitioner

  • Summary table showing all the drugs classified according to the therapeutic family they belong. Each drug is associated to a green, yellow red color box that summarized the results (response likely, dose adjustment or monitoring, increased risk).
  • The detailed results per drug which also include an interpretation of the findings.
  • Additional genetic information of the biological role of the genes for which a specific patient carries relevant variants.

How Precision is Different

Precision Mental Health Rx Solution

  • Largest number of mental health medication interpretations and recommendations on the market.
  • Clinical studies are all randomized and blind in order to eliminate bias.
  • All clinical studies Score Change versus TAU showed statistically significant improvement in patients.
  • All studies showed statistically significant clinical improvement in patients versus TAU patients.
  • Significant reduction in observance of ADRs throughout all clinical studies versus TAU patients.
  • Larger clinical studies in the area of Korean and European ethnic classes while still having large representation of US genetic studies documented.

Other Psychotropic PGx Software

  • Limited number of medication interpretations and guidance.
  • A majority of clinical studies were non-randomized and often open-labeled versus blind studies.
  • Approximately 50% of studies showed no statistical significance in improvement of the patient versus treatment as usual (TAU) cohorts.
  • Some MDD patient clinical studies showed no statistical significance or trend in clinical response versus TAU.
  • Genetic variation was not significantly evaluated in all areas of ethnicity; Asian and European genetic population are not well represented in clinical studies.

Sample Report

Neuropharmagen Core Genes

Neuropharmagen ADHD Genes

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Our personalized approach to what we do extends beyond our genetics lab.  We, the team, are committed to providing patients, providers, and other labs the quality services and results we put our name behind.