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Precision Genetics new
Perioperative and Opioid
Risk Assessment.


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Precision Genetics offers two distinct services:
1. A fully functional CLIA-certified laboratory or
2. A turnkey solution to establish your own genetic testing laboratory.
3. An employer wellness platform improving the quality of outcomes for your covered lives.

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Is Your Prescription Medicine
Working For You?

Over 50% of prescribed medication is ineffective and leads to adverse drug reactions which is the 4th leading cause of death in America.

Precision Genetics can provide genetic answers and valuable information needed for your provider to personalize your medicine and develop individualized treatment plans with a simple cheek swab test.

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Whether you’re a patient, provider, or existing lab looking to expand your services, Precision Genetics can help. ¬†By expressing your needs, we can work with and for you to improve & personalize your medicine and treatment plans.