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What does Precision Genetics offer?

We are modernizing the standard of care to enable doctors to prescribe medications with precision and safety. Our solutions help provide better patient outcomes and should lower overall healthcare costs.

Beyond this, we offer a plan for life – a truly personalized roadmap for care based on an individual’s genetic profile. That is the future. Precision Genetics is there.

Beyond Genetics

Pharmacogenetics (PGx) is the study of how a person’s genetics impact their response to different medications. More than a simple genetic test, our solution supports healthcare professionals’ clinical decision making. Precision Genetics helps turn data into action for providers.

By understanding how an individual reacts, providers can:

  • Prescribe more safely, with a lower risk of potential for adverse reactions
  • Prescribe more accurately, without wasting time for trial and error
  • Avoid the wasted costs involved in prescribing less effective medicines



Our Mental Health Solution

Using a patient’s genetic profile to identify a safer, more effective treatment plan. Less trial. Less error. Better results.


Our Perioperative Risk Assessment

Improve the perioperative process – more personalization means fewer adverse drug reactions and the potential for less reliance on post-operative opioids.

Precision Primary

Our Comprehensive Health Solution
With Precision Primary, unlock a gateway to personalized medication management. Our solution provides decision support used to identify genetic variants affecting drug metabolism.
Precision Genetics NEUROPHARMAGEN® PGx Box
Our Mental Health Solution


We are committed to improving the quality of life for patients struggling with mental health conditions. Neuropharmagen® helps providers identify safer and more effective medications for patients based on their genetics and other relevant factors. Less trial and error. Less waste. Better results.



Our proprietary digital platform is transforming personalized medicine, leading to better patient outcomes.

Cost & Coverage

What to know about the coverage and cost options for your genetic testing.

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