About Us

Precision Genetics is leading the way to personalized medicine. We’re helping healthcare providers identify safer and more effective treatment plans for each patient – and we’re using leading-edge technology to do it.

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Our software seamlessly delivers results and clinical decision support to foster nothing less than research-based personalized medicine for your patients.

At Precision Genetics, we’re ushering in a new, less costly and more efficient standard-of-care. Most importantly, one that increases positive patient outcomes.


The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC Health) and Precision Genetics have partnered through a joint venture, Precision Molecular Solutions, to launch an innovative technology solution to bring the best-in-class prescribing solutions and services to drive better patient outcomes, transform care, and lower overall healthcare costs.

Why Precision Genetics?

Because we understand and embrace how technology will enable healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes, futures and lives.

Personalized Approach

Reducing the rate of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to enhance patient safety, outcomes, and overall lifestyle with a research-driven, clinical approach to personalized medicine

Collaborative partner

Evolving precision medicine by leveraging key clinical and academic connections to ensure research-driven approaches to a more modern standard of care

Innovative technology

Driving operational efficiency through a breakthrough, proprietary platform that’s scalable and seamlessly integrated through the Electronic Medical Records

Cost containment

Modernizing the standard of care to help reduce overall healthcare costs for the provider, patient, and payor

Meet our team

Nate Wilbourne

Founder and CEO

Nate Wilbourne is the founder and CEO of Precision Genetics. Nate is a veteran in the healthcare VC, start-up world as well as a true believer in how technology can disrupt and invigorate standards-of-care across the healthcare landscape.
Jeremy Stuart, PHD, MPH

Chief Scientific Officer

Prior to becoming Precision Genetics’ CSO, Jeremy Stuart’s career began with a doctorate from Harvard and has included senior management posts in a number of successful life science start-ups; focusing on commercial operations, technology and validation of laboratory analytical tests (LDTs).
Dr. Chris Pelic, MD
Christopher Pelic, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

As a tenured professor of psychiatry at MUSC and lead physician for MUSC’s Health, Wellness, and Human Performance Institute, Dr. Pelic understands the potential that precision medicine can play in patient therapies. In his role as Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Pelic leads the clinical direction of Precision Genetics and its products, helping providers streamline treatment plans and improve patient outcomes.

Jay Spencer, MHA, MBA

Chief Strategy Officer

Jay Spencer is a former healthcare M&A investment banker with experience in creating over $5B in aggregate value. Since leaving private equity, Jay has led healthcare start-ups and multi-billion dollar corporations with corporate strategy, go-to-market strategy, strategic partnerships and more; all in service of accelerating value and growth.
Kurt Kraus

Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Kurt Kraus guides the software engineering and research at Precision Genetics; prototyping emerging technologies and concepts, bringing new strategies and solutions to life. Over the past 20+ years, Kurt has worked for multiple healthcare startups, as well as the Department of the Navy.

Jessie Rankin

Executive Vice President of Operations

As EVP, Operations, Jessie Rankin brings 10+ years of experience in healthcare technology to our operational process; managing both our day-to-day and strategic vision to be both sustainable and scalable.
Brooks Morrison

Vice President of Product

In his role as VP, Product, Brooks Morrison oversees the Precision Genetics product development team. Brooks brings 10+ years healthcare tech experience to our product development and management as well as our product launch strategies.

Frances Taylor

Vice President of Marketing

Frances brings a decade of strategic healthcare marketing and communications experience to her role as VP, Marketing with Precision Genetics. In addition to strengthening brand messaging and reputation, Frances also leverages B2B and B2C marketing strategies to identify and capitalize on business development opportunities.

Joel Johnson, PharmD

Sr. Director of Pharmacy and Business Development

Joel has over a decade of experience managing pharmacies and optimizing operations to provide top-notch patient care and consultative services.  He brings a wealth of expertise in understanding customer needs, building strong relationships, and driving growth.