Neuropharmagen® enables providers to identify the safest psychotropic medication protocol for patients based on their genetic markers and other relevant factors.

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Are you outside of the US?

As a global healthcare brand, direct access to Neuropharmagen® may depend on your location. Please visit our international (non-US) website for information.

Precision Genetics NEUROPHARMAGEN® PGx Box

Our Mental Health Solution

We are committed to improving the quality of life for patients struggling with mental health conditions. With Neuropharmagen®, we combine genetic testing and lifestyle factors to deliver a dynamic, individualized patient report. Additionally, our portal helps providers clearly identify safer and more effective medications for their patients.

Genetics and Mental Health

Finding the right medication for mental health conditions can often be challenging for patients and providers. Being able to quickly discern specific treatments and dosage amounts for antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs may increase a patient’s adherence and chance for a positive outcome.

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A Proven Benefit

Neuropharmagen® has shown to help medication response for adults and children around the globe with Anxiety Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, ADHD and other issues. Rigorous clinical trials have shown Neuropharmagen® to be effective in treating major depressive disorder and anxiety. 

How Does Neuropharmagen® Work?

Precision Genetics NEUROPHARMAGEN® PGx Box

Step 1
Request a Kit

Request a kit from your provider. 


Step 2
Sample Collection

In the Neuropharmagen® kit you will find a device for a simple swab test and sample collection. 

Step 3
DNA Analysis

Sample is sent to our laboratory for DNA extraction and analysis. 

Step 4

Once the results are ready, your provider will be notified regarding your report.

Sample Reports

Our Therapeutic Management System: Dynamic reporting results are accessible through the online provider portal.

Neuropharmagen® is making a difference in mental health.