Mental Health Case Study: How Transformative Testing Leads to a Life-changing Solution

Every human has a different genotype or genetic makeup. Based on genotype, one medication that can aid millions may affect others differently. That’s where Precision Genetics provides solutions. By combining healthcare data, genetics and the latest evidence-based medicine, Precision Genetics can analyze the physical and financial risks posed by medications to individuals. 

For Morgan Giles, Precision Genetics brought hope and changed her life.

Overwhelmed with adverse reactions

Morgan is one of 17.3 million people in the U.S. impacted by anxiety and depression. After her diagnosis, she was prescribed more than three different medications over the course of ten years to help manage her symptoms. 

Though prescriptions were supposed to be Morgan’s solution to her symptoms, they were becoming a problem, leaving her no choice but to stop her medications completely. The migraines and nausea Morgan experienced while on medications began to add another layer of stress and anxiety to her life.

With unbearable adverse reactions and no remedy for her mental health, Morgan felt extremely frustrated and hopeless. Then she discovered Precision Genetics’ Neuropharmagen® PGx test panel. 

Mental health panel testing 

Precision Genetics, a biotechnology company that leverages molecular genetic diagnostics to bring advanced prescribing solutions, offered Morgan a life-changing product, the Neuropharmagen® PGx test. 

Precision Genetics’ mental health panel, the Neuropharmagen® PGx test, helped Morgan discover what medications caused her body to react negatively. The report provided Morgan’s physician with detailed interpretation and prescribing recommendations. 

The test obtains DNA from buccal swabs, which identify variants within significant drug-metabolism-related genes and those shown to play a role in the metabolism of psychotropic medications. 

These enzymes affect how antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers, anxiolytics/hypnotics and ADHD-related drugs are metabolized, thus enabling physicians to make better-informed decisions regarding medication selection and dosages.

Precision Genetics’ process included:

  • Providing Morgan with a swab kit and instructions (the swab is done at home)
  • Morgan submitting the swab to a lab
  • Morgan’s physician receiving results in less than two weeks

Altered treatment that works the first time

The results from the Neuropharmagen® PGx test allowed Morgan’s healthcare provider to alter her course of treatment and prescribe medications that didn’t have an adverse effect on her health.

After ten years of living with the weight of anxiety and depression, Morgan can now navigate through life without the stress of medications dictating her next move. 

For her, Precision Genetics testing has proven to be the safest and best treatment. It saved her both time and money by eliminating multiple doctor’s visits, and shortened the process of testing medications that work for her body.

Precision Genetics functions as extra muscle in arming doctors with the personalized knowledge they need to create customizable treatment plans for patients. 

Through genetic-based pharmacy optimization, Precision Genetics can give patients the information they need on how medications interact with their genetics and get them on the road to recovery quicker.

Mental health plays an essential role in one’s quality of life. It’s vital that individuals have medications that work with their bodies to allow them to live without worry or frustration. Precision Genetics has the power to transform the lives of others with proven solutions.  

Are you ready for a new beginning?