Lab Capabilities

Precision Genetics operates two high-complexity, CLIA-compliant laboratories where we perform molecular testing under the highest quality standards.

genetic consultant in white coat doing dna test in lab

We have developed a laboratory team of experts who operate at the Principal Investigator level and whose scientific expertise spans cancer, infectious disease, genomics, and medical disciplines.


Pre-clinical research and assay development

Precision Genetics can perform assay development and optimization as a precursor to clinical validation. PCR and sequencing-based assays are our areas of expertise and we can design and test assays around specific genomic regions or loci.  Contact our customer service team to discuss further details.

Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs)

Precision Genetics has the ability to validate molecular assays as a laboratory developed test (LDT) under CLIA oversight.  Precision Genetics will work with your team to develop the content and scope of the validation to characterize and document all the analytic parameters of the assay.  Contact our customer service team to discuss further details.

Reference lab services

Precision Genetics accepts clinical reference testing for PGx and other molecular-based assays.  Our customer service and business development teams are ready to discuss any opportunities for reference lab agreements and will work with you to define success.

Our Lab Locations