Candy’s Story

Candy and her husband, Kenny.

In a world where many face the challenges of anxiety and depression, Candy’s journey shines as a beacon of hope. Despite the complexities she encountered from childhood to adulthood, she bravely navigated her way through, determined to overcome her mental health struggles.

Candy and her family.
Candy and her family.

Despite facing postpartum depression, being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, the loss of her mother, and the illness of a close friend, Candy never lost sight of her goal for mental well-being. Though finding the right medication initially seemed daunting, her unwavering perseverance led her to a breakthrough.

After trying numerous medications, each with its own set of side effects, Candy’s fortune changed when she discovered the Neuropharmagen genetic test while working at Precision Genetics. The test results were life-changing, offering valuable insights into how her genetic makeup influences her response to medication.

With this newfound knowledge, Candy’s treatment plan was swiftly adjusted to a tailored approach, providing relief from the debilitating side effects she had previously endured. Today, she stands on the threshold of a brighter future, experiencing stability and hope like never before.

Thanks to the right medication and a commitment to healthy lifestyle choices, Candy has achieved a newfound balance in her life. Her journey serves as an inspiration to others facing similar struggles, offering reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel with tools like the Neuropharmagen test guiding the way toward healing and recovery.