Precision Genetics appoints Dr. Chris Pelic as Chief Medical Officer

March 13, 2024

[GREENVILLE, SC] — Precision Genetics is proud to announce the appointment of Chris Pelic, M.D., as Chief Medical Officer (CMO). Dr. Pelic, a board-certified psychiatrist, brings his visionary leadership and passionate advocacy for precision medicine to Precision Genetics at a pivotal moment in the company’s growth.

Dr. Chris Pelic, MD
Dr. Chris Pelic, CMO of Precision Genetics

Dr. Pelic is a tenured Professor of Psychiatry at the Medical University of South Carolina and Director of Telepsychiatry and Health, Wellness, and Human Performance I.C.C.E. Chief. He also serves as the practicing psychiatrist to the student population at Clemson University. His extensive experience and commitment to advancing mental healthcare align perfectly with the mission and values of Precision Genetics.

Nate Wilbourne, Founder and CEO of Precision Genetics, expressed his enthusiasm for Dr. Pelic’s appointment, stating, “Dr. Pelic’s exceptional leadership, vision, and passion for precision medicine have been pivotal to our success. We are grateful for his willingness to serve and lead our clinical direction. His expertise will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and deliver Neuropharmagen, our mental health solution.”

Upon his appointment, Dr. Pelic shared, “I am deeply committed to the mission of Precision Genetics. The future of effective healthcare lies in precision medicine — an approach that when used appropriately, can revolutionize patient care. I’ve personally witnessed the transformative power of Neuropharmagen in my practice, streamlining treatment plans and enhancing the efficiency of care.”

He further emphasized the impact of Precision Genetics’ flagship product, Neuropharmagen, on his clinical work: “The seamless integration of Neuropharmagen into the medical record system has been a game-changer, saving valuable time and ensuring continuity of care. This tool allows for the delivery of personalized, evidence-based treatment plans, tailored to the unique genetic makeup of each patient.”

Under Dr. Pelic’s leadership, Precision Genetics will continue to champion the use of Neuropharmagen in mental health care, backed by robust scientific validation. Dr. Pelic’s role will be instrumental in accelerating customer engagement, clinical validation, and advocacy for coverage determination across payors.

The appointment of Dr. Pelic as Chief Medical Officer marks a significant milestone for Precision Genetics as the company reinforces its commitment to providing personalized mental health care solutions in South Carolina and beyond.

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