Precision Genetics Puts Mental Health at the Forefront of Our Country’s Recovery from the Pandemic with Meenta Marketplace as its Partner

GREENVILLE, S.C., May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Precision Genetics Inc. is making its first foray into providing their health products through the world’s largest testing marketplace, announcing today that it will be offering its Precision Mental HealthRx Solution for pharmacogenetics (PGx) testing nationwide with Meenta, Inc. Currently available to anyone through the Meenta Marketplace, Precision Mental Health Rx SOLUTIONS will be available online to connect users virtually with doctors, nurse practitioners and/or nurses who can provide services and treatment options, including advice on whether performing a PGx test could be helpful.

Pharmacogenetics and Mental Health - The Time is Now.
Pharmacogenetics and Mental Health – The Time is Now.

The availability of Precision Mental HealthRx Solution through the Meenta Marketplace means that patients looking for personalized care can work with a medical professional to understand if they are a fit for testing given their condition. Many taking multiple medications are often fit for PGx testing. Testing lowers risk to the patient and can reduce the burden of healthcare costs and overrunning the healthcare system. “We are excited to shift our focus back to the molecular services and tests that will ultimately change the standard of care. We are passionate about improving patient outcomes across our clinical partnerships. We believe that a personalized approach using science and technology vastly improves how we treat patients. Using technology allows us to drive clinical utility across multiple disciplines,” said Nate Wilbourne,  CEO of Precision Genetics.

The collaboration of these two companies comes conveniently during May’s Mental Health Awareness Month and addresses the consumer demand for telehealth and virtual healthcare in the mental health space that exploded during the pandemic. The past year has shown patients that virtual health visits can provide the same quality as in-person visits, all the while making services available at the patient’s fingertips no matter where they are located. “At Meenta we asked ourselves why can’t healthcare providers access cutting edge diagnostic tests anytime from anywhere and from any lab? Why not give doctors and patients unprecedented access to affordable tests that could lead to better outcomes and likely savings to payors?” – Gabor Bethlendy, CEO, Meenta.

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Precision Genetics is a healthcare technology company specializing in molecular testing services and integratable technology solutions that enable a higher standard of care. We provide healthcare systems and businesses services to increase health and decrease healthcare costs.

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Meenta was born out of the idea that life science and diagnostics could greatly benefit from the technological revolution that has forever changed the way we shop, dine, vacation, and catch a ride. Grounded in technology and sitting at the intersection of supply and demand, the Meenta marketplace brings together the widest array of testing products and laboratory services.

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