Precision Genetics welcomes Joel Johnson, PharmD, as Senior Director of Pharmacy and Business Development

[GREENVILLE, March 18, 2024] – Precision Genetics, a leading provider of personalized healthcare solutions, proudly welcomes Joel Johnson, PharmD, as its new Senior Director of Pharmacy and Business Development. With his unique background, Johnson’s addition to the team marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to revolutionize healthcare through tailored genetic insights.

Joel Johnson, PharmD
Joel Johnson, PharmD
Senior Director of Pharmacy and Business Development

“Precision Genetics is committed to pushing the boundaries of precision medicine, and I’m excited to join such a special team,” said Joel Johnson, PharmD. “I believe that the intersection of genetics and pharmaceuticals holds immense promise for improving patient outcomes, and I look forward to being a part of the transformative work.”

In his role as Senior Director of Pharmacy and Business Development, Johnson will play a vital role in guiding physicians through the complexities of genetics and its impact on drug therapy, as well as engage new customers for genetic testing offerings.

“Every individual metabolizes medications differently, a fact often overlooked in traditional healthcare settings,” Johnson explains. “However, by exposing the connection between genetic variations and drug metabolism, we can offer better treatment options, unique to each patient. When physicians understand  how genes influence drug metabolism, they can prescribe medications more effectively by fine-tuning dosage regimens, mitigating the risk of adverse reactions and optimizing therapeutic outcomes.”

As the company continues to grow in the field of precision medicine, Johnson’s role and contributions will play a pivotal part  in expanding Precision Genetics’ premier product line of emerging testing solutions including Neuropharmagen, Precision Primary, and PrecisionOp.

“Joel’s expertise in pharmacy adds tremendous value to our team, not only from a clinical engagement perspective, but also from a customer growth perspective,” said Nate Wilbourne, CEO of Precision Genetics. “His insights will enable us to leverage new relationships and equip physicians with the right tools to make informed decisions about their care delivery, ultimately leading to better outcomes.”

Join Precision Genetics in welcoming Joel Johnson, PharmD, as Senior Director of Pharmacy and Business Development. With his appointment, the company reaffirms its commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through the power of genetics, one patient at a time.

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